Call 913-393-6110 for Roadside Assistance

Terms & Conditions for TAFS’s Contract and Membership Programs:

When you need roadside assistance, call our toll-free number and we will send help. This 24-hour number is the only one you need to know. We will dispatch a service provider to you for any of the covered emergencies listed as items covered. Simply call the toll-free number for all of your benefit needs. We’re here to help – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any time you need roadside assistance or have a question regarding your roadside assistance membership benefits, you can reach us by calling:

1 913-393-6110

Note: As part of our continuing effort to maintain high quality service to our members, telephone calls between our employees and our members are periodically monitored or recorded on a random basis by our supervisory personnel. By accepting our services, you have indicated that you understand this and give your consent to any such monitoring or recording regarding any telephone calls you may have with us.

Member Coverage Information
Membership is intended to cover emergencies and is not intended to be a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance or repair. Repeated calls which are considered excessive may, at our discretion, result in cancellation of membership.

Requirements for Coverage:
The driver must be with the vehicle at the time of disablement.

Items Covered:
The following are covered emergencies, subject to the one hundred dollar ($100.00) per occurrence limit, unless otherwise stated. There will be a limit of one (1) covered occurrence per service type every seven (7) days from the effective date of this agreement.

(1.) Towing Assistance - When towing is necessary, your Covered Vehicle will be towed to the nearest service facility of your choice up to the benefit limit of $500.00.
(2.) Flat Tire Assistance - Service consists of the removal of the flat tire for the Covered Vehicle and its replacement with the spare tire located with the Covered Vehicle.
(3.) Tire Replacement Assistance - When a replacement tire is needed for the Covered Vehicle, the cost of the service call to deliver a replacement tire to the disablement site will be covered up to $100.00 per occurrence. You must pay for the cost of the tire and its installation.
(4.) Mobile Mechanic Service - Mobile Mechanic Service is available for the Covered Vehicle in lieu of towing, if the disablement can be resolved roadside, up to $100.00 per occurrence. You must pay for any mileage, parts and labor.
(5.) Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service - An emergency supply of oil, fluid and water will be delivered if your Covered Vehicle becomes disabled due to running out of fluids. You must pay for the cost of the oil, fluid or water, if any. 
(6.) Fuel Delivery Service - An emergency supply of up to thirty (30) gallons of fuel will be delivered if your Covered Vehicle is in immediate need. You must pay for the cost of fuel. 
(7.) Lock-out/Replacement Key Assistance - If your keys are locked inside the Covered Vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry into the Covered Vehicle up to $100.00 benefit limit.
(8.) Battery Assistance - If battery failure occurs, a jump start will be provided to start your Covered Vehicle. In the event a battery is needed, one can be delivered to your location. The cost of the battery, parts, and labor are at your expense. A battery delivery service call will be covered up to $100.00 for service call only and will not be covered if the service call was requested after a successful or failed jump start service.
(9.) Winching/Extrication Assistance - Provides for assistance in extricating the Covered Vehicle when stuck in a ditch or other inaccessible area when such location is within 50 yards (feet) of a paved road or highway. This service does not cover extrication when driving a Covered Vehicle on off-road or unpaved highways. 

TRUCK RENTAL ASSISTANCE - Nationwide assistance will be provided in locating a replacement rental truck (tractor only, does not include trailer rental), if your vehicle is inoperable.

Items Excluded from Coverage:
1. Parts, replacement keys, labor, tire repair, rental or towing equipment, storage fees or any labor performed at a garage or service facility.
2. Any form of impound towing or towing assistance by a private citizen, or someone other than a licensed service station or garage.
3.  Service for any trailer which is separated from the tractor.


This document represents your agreement with United States Auto Club, Motoring Division, Inc. (USAC/MD) and Encore Services, Inc.
All of these benefits are available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
You will not be required to pay any sum in addition to your membership fee for any service thus specified up to the benefit limit of your program. Your club membership begins on the date you are enrolled, and services will be provided until your enrollment period ends or either party notifies the other of cancellation.
This document constitutes your membership contract. The benefits of your membership are described in this handbook. Individual membership covers the registered vehicle only.

The following disclaimers apply to this agreement:
This is not an insurance contract.
This is not an automobile liability contract.
This is not an automobile liability or physical damage insurance contract, and does not comply with any financial responsibility laws.

Emergency road service providers and locksmiths are independent contractors and are not employees, agents, or representatives of United States Auto Club, Motoring Division, Inc. or Encore Services, Inc.; and damage claims related to the service provider or locksmith will not be the responsibility of United States Auto Club, Motoring Division, Inc. or Encore Services, Inc.

Address all inquiries about your benefits to:
Encore Services, Inc. P.O. Box 451116, Atlanta, GA 31145

Change of Address Procedures: to notify us of your address change please call TAFS.
1 913-393-6110

* Not applicable to Utah or Wisconsin residents.

Notice to Wisconsin and Utah Residents

Renewals on Altered Terms or Non-renewal of your auto club membership; Cancellation for non-payment
60 days prior to the renewal of your auto club membership, we will mail written notice to you explaining any changes in benefits or increase in membership fees (unless the fee increase is less than 25%). Any changes to your contract will not take effect until 60 days after notice to you is given.

If we decide not to renew your membership, your benefits and services will continue until 60 days following your written notification of non-renewal.

Should you fail to pay your motor club membership fee, we will notify you in writing that your benefits will be suspended 10 days following such notification.


If you are having problems with your insurance company or agent, do not hesitate to contact the insurance company or agent to resolve your problem.

1 913-393-6110

You can also contact the OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE, a state agency which
enforces Wisconsin’s insurance laws, and file a complaint. You can contact the OFFICE OF THE

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Complaints Department
P. 0. Box 7873
Madison, WI 53707-7873